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Man Mo restaurant

A Case Study

Nicolas Elalouf, the owner of Man Mo Dim Sum - A famous restaurant based in Hong Kong -took the LinkedIn Starter package to enhance his profile and brand image. Below are the various modifications that were made to his profile over the course of one month.

Nicolas Elalouf's linkedIn profile

Step 1: Updating the LinkedIn profile

Upon taking over Nicolas' profile, I found several areas that required attention such as the absence of a banner, profile picture, creator mode, and an empty About section. To address these issues, I drafted a new profile and sent it to Nicolas for approval before making any changes to his actual profile.

As a result of these efforts, Nicolas' updated profile now accurately reflects his activity and prominently displays links for users to make reservations at his restaurant.

Step 2: Creation of a Business Page

Since Man Mo Dim Sum didn't have its own Business page, I took the initiative to create one from scratch and began adding followers to it. The establishment's new page not only adds more legitimacy to the restaurant, but it also serves as an additional means of reaching potential clients by reposting content from the personal page.

Man Mo Dim Sum's Linkedin page
man mo restaurant

Step 3: First post - Introduce yourself

The initial post on Nicolas' profile held significant importance, as it served as an introduction to him and his journey since the establishment of Man Mo a few years ago. The primary objective was to enhance his brand image and attract new contacts. The post proved to be highly successful, with over 185,000 impressions, a substantial increase in direct message inquiries, and a significant boost in his follower count.

Step 4: Second post - Be Vulnerable

The second post provided a perfect chance to show vulnerability and avoid projecting an image of constant success, which is uncommon on LinkedIn where most people prefer to present a polished professional image. This his post was well-received and gained more than 50,000 impressions and another round of business opportunities. 

Linkedin post about Nicolas Elalouf
Linkedin post about Nicolas Elalouf

Step 5: Third post - Team work

The third post was a dedication to the rest of the Man Mo team, aimed at showcasing the individuals who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to contribute to the restaurant's success. 

Step 6: The Result

Using LinkedIn Starter proved to be immensely beneficial for Nicolas in improving his brand image and generating new business opportunities for Man Mo.


Here's a quick summary of the audience engagement over the course of one month:

  • Over 240,000 impressions

  • More than 20 private messages received, resulting in new business opportunities

  • Over 170 new connection requests.

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