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Get Leads on LinkedIn

OK, I get it — running your business keeps you crazy busy

and you may not see the value to spend time on LinkedIn.


But did you know that LinkedIn has over 900 million members and is the #1 platform for lead generation?

"Who is this Starter for?"

1) As a busy CEO, you decided to prioritize management and growth, leaving little time to develop your LinkedIn profile.

2) You're an entrepreneur who understands the importance of LinkedIn networking to boost the growth of your business. 

The LinkedIn Starter 

I created this Starter package after recognising a common need among my clients.

Many of them struggle to manage their business and maintain a presence on LinkedIn due to time constraints.


The Starter package addresses this issue by being both affordable and easy to set up.

About Me 

My name is Paul Muller, I'm a copywriter based in Hong Kong

I help brands and individuals build their presence on LinkedIn. 

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How the Starter Work 

For one month, I will take over your LinkedIn profile and manage everything for you, including profile optimization, post creation, connection requests, and online conversations.


The LinkedIn Starter is divided into 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Profile Optimization - I'll optimise your profile to make sure it stands out and showcases your strengths and expertise.

Step 2: Post Creation - I'll create 4 engaging posts that will help you attract more views and engagement on your profile.

Step 3: Lead Generation - 50 targeted leads will be contacted through private messages to help you connect with potential clients.

The Case Study

I have prepared a case study for you to gain a better insight into my work. This case study involves one of my clients who took the LinkedIn Starter course. It will provide a comprehensive understanding of what I accomplished during our month-long partnership.


How does it work?

I will access your Linkedin profile (and corporate page if required) during the period of the agreement. If you've confidential information, I'm open to sign a non-disclosure agreement

What's included in the offer?

1) Your profile's optimisation 

2) I will post once a week on your Linkedin


3) 50 connection requests with personalised notes will be sent

4) I will manage conversations with leads through comments and private messages

How much is it? 

680 USD (Or 5300HKD) for one month of partnership, I ask for a 50% deposit before starting the partnership.

Are you keeping me aware of the progress?

Yes, I use a Trello session with all my clients to let them know what I'm doing with their Linkedin. You can see my progress for each task and I'm available 6 days a week through WhatsApp

Which value can bring me the LinkedIn Starter?

First, you'll be free to focus on your work while I am building your online reputations and looking for leads on LinkedIn. Second you'll have an optimised Linkedin profile to help you boost your personal brand


Can you show me some clients you worked with? 

Yes, first you can check a case study where I explain how I took in charge the Linkedin of a restaurant owner based in Hong Kong

PS: If you want some good tips about Linkedin, check my free e-books collection:

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