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The LinkedIn Autopilot

Are you a busy B2B service entrepreneur? Save hours finding leads on LinkedIn with our Autopilot System

Did you know that LinkedIn has over 800 million members and is the #1 platform for lead generation?

As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn has a community of educated, working professionals.


A majority of their users visit the platform with a business-focused mindset.

This makes it a leading platform to generate leads, drive website traffic, and leverage content marketing successfully.


But for many marketers, it can be difficult to get it right due to a lack of time & expertise.

This is why we started the Autopilot System a few months ago.


We take over your Linkedin profile and manage everything for you: Profile optimization, post creation, connection requests, online conversations...

With one objective in mind: Helping you to develop your e-reputation and generate new B2B leads for your business. 


How does it work?

We will have full access to your Linkedin profile and corporate page during the period of the agreement

What's included?

Our Autopilot System follows 4 actions:

1) Your profile's optimization 

2) We post 2 to 3 times a week on your Linkedin page

3) 50 connection requests with personalized notes will be sent to targeted leads every week

4) We will manage conversations with leads through comments and private messages

How much is it? 

Prices range from 650 to 750 USD for 4 weeks. Contact us to have a precise quotation since it depends on your business requirements and situation

Are you keeping me aware? 

Yes, we use a Trello session with all our clients to let them know what we are doing with their Linkedin

Are your clients satisfied with the Autopilot System?

Yes, they are free to focus on their work while we are building their reputations and looking for leads on the professional platform


Can you show us some clients you worked with? 

We worked with different types of industries:

Ondrej Papanek is a Scrum Master based in Sweden. We worked with him from September 2021 to March 2022

Fabrizio Cravero is a property investor based in Hong Kong, we started working with him in November 2021 and the partnership is still ongoing

Let’s Work Together


+852 9310 6028



4 King Street, Causeway Bay

Hong Kong

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