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WHY I became a Solopreneur

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

I became a solopreneur for 3 very bad reasons:

- Frustration

- Stress

- Ego

I joined corporate life pretty late; I was already 26 years old.

And it did not take me long to realize the system was not for me - six months, to be exact.

- Frustration

I was not my authentic self; I spent long hours at work and had no time for myself or my family, and there were not a lot of monetary returns.

Deep inside, I always knew I would not be able to see myself going on this path for the next 50 years.

I needed a new start.

- Stress

Corporate life took its toll on my mental health.

In the early days, I suffered from stress at work. I was fearful of not doing enough, and this in turn resulted in sleep disturbance and anxiety. Fortunately, things got better after a few years but they never fully went away. In the end, there was only one solution: Becoming my own boss.

- Ego

I have always admired the amazing masterminds behind today’s tech giants: Musk, Jobs - these are misfits who’ve chosen to challenge the system and create their own rules and visions.

I began to wonder: is there a possibility for me to do the same, but at a smaller scale? Since I was a child, I’ve always had this dream of creating something;

I wanted to embrace my ego and take up this challenge.

These feelings, while negative, were the triggers I needed to start my freelancing adventures.

In October 2021, I launched Better Call Paul.

After 6 months, let’s be honest… I’m far from being successful.

I earn 40% of my corporate salary but I feel so alive.

Brick by brick, step by step, I’m building something.

And I cannot wait to see where I am in 6 months’ time. Failure or success, I’ve never learned so much and I know I will not regret this journey.

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