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Get A Great LinkedIn in Less Than 2h

Updated: Aug 5

OK, I get it — running a business keeps you crazy busy and you may not see the value to spend time on LinkedIn.

Optimize your linkedin profile

But you should still consider applying the "LinkedIn Launchpad" strategy — 5 simple steps to boost your profile without killing your working schedule:

- First, use Canvas to craft a stunning LinkedIn banner. Canvas is a user-friendly tool for creating visuals, and it’s 100% free.


- Next, switch on your Creator Mode. This allows you to add a link to the introduction section of your profile

Creator Mode on LinkedIn

- Third, spend a little time filling in the feature section of your LinkedIn profile.

featured section on LinkedIn

- Now, create your first post to give people a better sense of who you are. A fantastic way to introduce yourself is by using the "Superman technique" — I've discussed this in one of my previous newsletter

Better read paul newsletter

- Lastly, try to manually connect with 50 people within an hour. When you send a connection request, include a 300-word message to improve your odds

connection request on Linkedin

TOTAL: 2 hours of work to boost your personal branding

The “LinkedIn Launchpad” is a great way to get the hang of LinkedIn

Finally, if you're unsure about how to kick off these steps, I can review your profile for free and suggest a few tweaks to help you out - Simply fill this form in 2 minutes.


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