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How To Access AI For Free

Updated: Aug 5

Me: “I feel anxiety paying 20$ per month to get ChatGPT”

My therapist: “Let me give you some tips to access AI for free”

Bing, Poe, Bard, Midjourney…all these new powerful AI tools can be used for free.

Except if you're in Hong Kong - you'll need a VPN to access them

I swear by NordVPN - it's hassle-free and only costs me $12 a month

Here we go:

A) Bing, Google’s arch-nemesis

In Early May, Microsoft removed the waiting list for its revamped Bing search engine, allowing anyone to use it. If you want to give it a try:

1) Visit the Bing homepage

2) Press Chat

3) Confirm and voilà! You're in! Note the AI image creator function is also available

The catch? Microsoft will ask you to install its web browser Edge to access the AI chatbot function. If you don’t want to, simply download the Bing app on your phone.
bing web browser

B) Bard, Google’s new AI chatbot

Bard had a rough launch: A demo delivered inaccurate information about the James Webb Space Telescope back in February.

But a great advantage of Bard is that it has access to the web through Google Search, imagine the pool of data!

1) You can access the chatbot here with a Google Account:

PS: If you are using a Google Workspace account. The admin needs to go to the Admin Console and enable Bard so their users can access it.

Bard Google's AI tool

C) ChatGPT for iOS (No Android version at the moment)

I've been playing with the GPT app for the past 5 days and I'm loving the voice function.

Plus, the dedicated widget allows you to access the AI chatbot right from your lock screen.

The catch? The app is only available on the US iOS App Store at the moment.

However, you can easily set it up on your iPhone wherever you are, 4 simple steps:

1) Change your iOS App Store’s country/region, go to your settings, then “Media & Purchases, "View Account" and press “Country/Region”

2) You’ll get a list of countries, select the United States

3) Fill in a fake US address, you can use this website to create it (Including a fake US mobile phone number)

4) Now you have access to the US App Store, simply find the GPT app and download it

OpenAI for iOS

D) Midjourney 5.1, your AI Art Assistant

The well-known AI platform that enables users to generate images, has launched a new version — Midjourney 5.1 — which guarantees impressive enhancements in both quality and style.

The best part? You can try Midjourney 5.1 for free, it’s easy:

1) Open a Discord account:

2) Go to MidJourney’s website and give the beta a try

3) Join the Midjourney channel on Discord and create up to 50 pictures for free (use the prompt: /imagine + sentence)

PS: To activate Midjourney 5.1 (This isn’t the default mode), just type the /settings command and select the 5.1 version. (or add — v 5.1 after your prompt.)


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