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Make Digital Hong Kong Great Again!

So I just read Hong Kong authorities are working on SEO for their official websites after a protest song deemed illegal was played at sporting events instead of China’s anthem allegedly due to "incorrect" Google results.

Recap of the story so far:

During the 2019 protests, the song “Glory to Hong Kong” gained widespread popularity among protesters, and has been referred to as the “unofficial national anthem” while being deemed illegal by authorities.

But since then, this song became mainstream and tops Google’s first page results while its Youtube video has more than 1.7 million views. The tune's top spot on Google means it was mistaken by organizers as the official Hong Kong anthem at multiple global sporting events.

This honest mistake became a huge deal for Hong Kong authorities whose new obsession is all about safeguarding national security to satisfy their boss up north

So the government decided to act and asked Google representatives to alter search results but the meeting was pointless since the tech giant doesn’t manually manipulate organic web listings.

Now authorities are left on their own trying to “rectify the truth” while the only thing they have accomplished so far is dropping a massive Streisand Effect

There truly is no shortcut to SEO success, you need to approach it with hard work and patience.

But in this situation here's a relatively easy way :

1 - Create a new section on the government’s website to inform people about the anthem

2 - Promote this section through Google Adwords for a few months, select “HK anthem” related keywords

3 - Create an educational video on Youtube and embed it on the government page related to the anthem, ask the infamous 50 Cent army to boost the video's views count

4 - Move on there is far more urgent

While all the fuss around is about finance and crypto (Hello FTX), Hong Kong’s digital marketing reputation is losing its edge: Tik Tok left the city 2 years ago, internet sensation ChatGPT is banned, VPNs offer has narrowed on the Appstore, and many are casting doubt over the future of the business hub's open internet.

Make digital Hong Kong great again!

PS: The cover picture was created with the AI platform Dall-E 2, you can access it via VPN and a foreign

phone number

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