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My Previous Projects

As a consultant, I've had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects in different industries. Find some of my previous clients below. 

man mo

Man Mo Dim Sum

Man Mo's restaurant needed a boost in its digital marketing strategy to attract more customers. That's where I came in! I took over the owner's Linkedin account and made some killer viral posts that got over 200,000 impressions in just one month. We also teamed up to create some catchy Instagram reels that helped grow their following on the 'gram. Now, their restaurant is more popular than ever!

Agent Matt 

Back in January 2021, Matthieu reached out to me for help launching his YouTube channel. He had a brilliant concept in mind - to showcase high-end residences in Hong Kong and attract more prospects and needed a videographer.


Our first video was shot in a luxurious villa nestled in the Peak, the most expensive area in Hong Kong. And boy, did it make waves! Within just two months, we racked up over 2,000 views and counting. 

youtube channel of Matthieu Ober


Litao, a novice exhibitor at Hofex, Asia's foremost food and hospitality trade show, required support to advertise their business during the three-day exhibition.

To assist them, I leveraged LinkedIn by creating promotional posts, conducting seven live sessions on the professional platform, and producing a 10-minute video that encapsulated the event.

Dao Insights

Dao Insights was originally created by the Qumin Group as an internal newsletter, to help keep people up to date with Chinese news and insights. My passion for Chinese culture is the driving force behind my work as a writer of articles related to China. I produce these articles for Dao, a digital marketing agency that serves as a bridge between China and the rest of the world.

Dao insight


Medibyx is an Indonesian trading company in IT (Apple, Adobe, Hexnode) and personal care. I was approached to create their website from scratch. 


Fabrizio Cravero - UK Property Investment

Fabrizio kicked off the new year by launching his website and promoting his e-learning package through weekly webinars and a YouTube channel. But with so much on his plate, he struggled to keep up with generating fresh content for his three social media channels.

That's where I came in! To help him drive more traffic to his website and improve his conversion rates, I proposed to create curated content for each of his social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

fabrizio cravero

Mix Dance Studio 

The Mix Dance Studio was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 due to multiple lockdowns in France. To attract new students and keep the studio afloat, they knew they had to up their digital marketing game.

That's where I came in! Armed with a camera, stabilizer, and After Effects, I produced some amazing videos to be posted on the studio's Instagram page. 

mix dance studio


When COVID-19 began in Hong Kong, Bigdil reached out to me to help revamp its sales funnel and keep business going strong.


I got to work and made some major improvements to their website. But that's not all - I also created a new customer acquisition channel using WhatsApp Business, making it easy for customers to order their favorite juicy vegan burgers online.

To spread the word and attract even more hungry customers, I launched four different Google Ads campaigns with a budget of 300 USD. 


Little Wooden Treasure 

A youthful Hong Kong-based couple sought to establish an e-commerce platform specializing in wooden toys, which they named Little Wooden Treasure. They approached me to provide assistance with their social media content.

Consequently, I was appointed the content creator for Little Wooden Treasure's Facebook and Instagram channels.

little wooden treasure
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